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About Us

Scoutsite was set up by Dan Spencer, owner of PenguinWeb, in 2014. Our mission is to provide every Scout Group in the country with the opportunity to get online, regardless of their financial situation or the web-design expertise of their leader team. We offer a range of packages, starting from as little as £20 per year. And what’s more, we do all the hard work. We also offer FREE wordpress themes which Groups can use (and customise) as they see fit.

For groups who require a few more features, we offer a range of site packages, all based on Content Management Systems to allow easy content updating by the group. Or for a small fee we can manage all the content ourselves.

And for campsites and activity centres, we can offer a fully functional website with a range of features including online booking, interactive site maps, and availability calenders.

Want to know how we can help your group get online? Get in touch today!